Consulting, Professional services, qualified resources training and close cooperative ties.


Consulting – our philosophy

We like to consider the companies who turn to us as our partners, rather than clients, with whom we can administrate the experience of their guests in the best of ways, so that they can bring home unforgettable memories of their holidays and/or events.

Our mission is to help you realize what programmes is the most suitable to you and how to implement it, selecting together the best solution for you.

The way we operate can be translated into a simple equation: the excellence of the service offered is directly proportional to the quality of and the respect towards the human resources employed.


Our services

  • Art direction
  • Event planning
  • Marketing, coaching, incentive
  • Entertainment, guest services
  • Consultancy over children’s activities
  • Consultancy over sporting activities
  • Musical consultancy
  • Consultancy over scenographic settings
  • Consultancy over dance and fitness
  • Dj Set and audio-lights service
  • Exclusive parties
  • Testimonials


Every event is unique and must be treated with the greatest care.

Long-term programmes require a constant subsistence over time.

Quality relies on a prompt problem solving.

Human resources are the major capital at our disposal.

The company is constantly committed to implement the updating and the development of new technological resources, as well as high standard procedures referring to safety at work and the respect of environmental regulations.