Darwinstaff operates in Florence since 1992, in the field of consultancy over entertainment, tourist assistance and event planning, as well as in the training of qualified resources.



We provide over 3500 entertainers and tourist assistants, that have been trained to work in resorts, hotels, residences, cruise ships and theme parks, in both winter and summer locations. We provide hundreds of destinations all over the world throughout the whole year, working together with the greatest names of international tourism.

Passion, expertise, excellence, careful organization and innovation are our main strengths.

Darwinstaff is recognized internationally for the high quality of its trained resources and for the entertainment it offers.



Besides the extremely high number of contacts and partnerships that Darwinstaff can count on all over the world, which allow to solve every request of entertainment in very short periods of time, Darwinstaff also benefits from a wealth of qualified professionals that take care of every kind of service related to daily and evening activities.

The company also offers a logistic support that is dedicated to every bureaucratic and technical aspect related to the administration of human resources.

paolo zenone | animazione turistica darwinstaff
Paolo Zenone

Founder - CEO

roberto barbieri | animazione turistica darwinstaff
Roberto Barbieri

Co-founder - HR Manager

lorenzo zanobetti | animazione turistica darwinstaff
Lorenzo Zanobetti

Events consultant

claudio bastianoni
Claudio Bastianoni

Cruises consultant

franco godi | darwinstaff agenzia animazione
Franco Godi

Entertainment consultant

francesca giannotti
Francesca Giannotti

Travel consultant