We can count on 25 years of operation and over 3500 trained professionals: we supply you with all the experience that we have gained in the field through training, providing you with staff that is qualified in the fields of entertainment and tourist assistance. Enthusiasm, reliability, know-how and expertise are our strengths.

Resorts, Hotels, Cruise ships, Holiday complexes, in both winter and summer locations. Hundreds of destinations all over the world where to operate, supported by the best resources in the area. It is a unique opportunity of personal and professional growth, in the name of both commitment and enjoyment.

We form professionals, training them with the same cure and attention that characterizes us since 1992. For this reason, we are able to offer quality services, with high profile resources, for every kind of activity related to entertainment, tourist assistance and event planning.

We are looking for creative, enterprising people to establish a fruitful professional relationship with. We are able to offer unique chances of growth, together with the possibility to be trained while living in some of the most beautiful places in the world! Find out what we are looking for and send us your CV!

Coaching 100%
Consulting 100%
Events 100%
Management 100%

We offer unique chances of growth, together with the possibility to be trained while living in some of the most beautiful places in the world! You can learn a new, fantastic job, which will allow you to embark in the field as a qualified resource!

Contact us and send us your CV to take part in a first interview!

We like to consider the companies who turn to us as our partners, rather than clients, with whom we can administrate the experience of their guests.

The way we operate can be translated into a simple equation: the excellence of the service offered is directly proportional to the quality of and the respect towards the human resources employed.

Testimonials & video of the month 

  • Si può lavorare divertendosi? o divertirsi lavorando? con Darwin ci sono andato molto vicino in parecchie occasioni. In bocca al crepi !!!!!

    cristiano militello
    Cristiano Militello
    Cabarettista e conduttore
  • Ho condiviso con Darwin momenti indimenticabili. Auguro a tutti i giovani che vogliono intraprendere questo lavoro di potersi esprimere con passione, creatività e determinazione.

    franco godi
    Franco Godi
    Produttore discografico
  • La collaborazione con Viva Resorts inizia nel 2002. Sin da subito si è creata un’ottima sinergia, tanto che gli animatori Darwinstaff lavorano nelle nostre strutture, durante tutto l’anno.

    patrizia puggioni
    Patrizia Puggioni
    Corporate Activities Director Viva Wyndham Resorts
  • Darwinstaff fonda il proprio principio aziendale nella costruzione di relazioni one-to-one. Tale scelta si riflette nella ricerca di validi collaboratori, valorizzandone attitudini e competenze. 

    francesca pretin
    Francesca Pretin
    Senior Sales Manager Roccoforte - Florence
  • Tra le varie esperienze avute con Darwinstaff, voglio sottolineare quella del 2003. In quel periodo ero alla guida del Resort Chia Laguna Le Meridien. Alla mia chiamata per sostituire un’intera equipe, Darwinstaff, in altissima stagione, ha saputo risolvere il problema con grande successo.

    maurizio nieddu
    Maurizio Nieddu
    Consulente turistico
  • We have successful cooperation with Darwinstaff for more than 5 years. Students gained many practical experiences in the field of entertainment in countries like Mexico, Dominican republic, Bahamas, Italy, Greece, Spain, Egypt. The support of Darwinstaff offers them smooth training without worries of accommodation, visa, travels. Looking forward to future cooperation!

    miha lesjak
    Miha Lesjak
    FTS Turistica - University of Primorska